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enVisionmath2.0 is a comprehensive mathematics curriculum with superior focus, coherence, and rigor. Ensure success at every level with problem-based learning, embedded visual learning, and personalization to empower every teacher and student.

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Amplify Science

We are making available a temporary family login for access to the digital Student Books (grades K–5) and simulations (grades 3–5) for home use. This access will enable guardians to read to their students and/or set their students up for independent exploration.

To access digital Student Books and simulations, guardians will navigate to apps.learning.amplify.com/elementary

  • Select “Log in with Amplify” and enter the username and password:
    • Username: remotelearning@tryamplify.net
    • Password: remotelearning2020
    • Tip: You may want to use an incognito browser.
  • Select the unit the class is currently working on at school
    • Once logged in to the particular unit, the guardian will find icons for all of the student books in the unit (in English and Spanish), as well as the digital apps associated with the unit if it is in grades 2–5.

Renaissance myON® Reader is a student-centered, personalized literacy environment that gives students access to more than 6,000 enhanced digital books. Titles are dynamically matched to each individual student’s interests, grade and Lexile® reading level. Combined with a suite of close reading tools and embedded supports, myON Reader fosters student engagement and achievement.



Playful Engaging learning games, animated movies, and activities.

Designed with relevance, depth, and humor to encourage kids on their unique learning paths.


BrainPOP Jr. (K-3)


BrainPOP Español


This free resource provides your children with days of exciting articles and stories, videos, and fun learning challenges. Children can complete them anytime, in any order. They can work on their own or together with you and your family.


NYCDOE Learn at Home Resources

The materials on the Learn at Home pages are designed to provide supplementary learning resources to students in the event that students may need to be home from school. We encourage you to use this time to continue your student’s learning while they are at home. To help students engage in educational material, we have shared the resources below for students in all grades, from Early Learn through elementary and middle school, and for high school. These materials do not replace what your child has been learning at school, but during this unusual time it is important that students continue to read, write, do social studies and science activities, and work on math problems.