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Overview of Studio Art Program, Fall 2013
The Studio Art Program at PS 69 has been busy this fall noticing the world around us.

Kindergartners have been making collages about their houses, dragonflys, and ducks making curriculum connections to the classroom.

First graders have also been making collages beginning with houses, and then connecting to their literacy with Stellaluna and elephants.

Second graders have been making large maps of their neighborhood. Drawing, creating checklists and coloring with colored pencils. They have also created a key for their maps.

Third graders connected early to the social studies curriculum of landforms and created their own drawings of landscapes to prepare for making engraving plates. The engravings are now being printed.

Fourth graders began by looking at natural materials such as sticks, pinecones, seedpods and drawing with charcoal. From there they have concentrated on a deep bird study doing research and preparing to build bird sculptures in papier mache.

Fifth graders have been using clay all fall starting with pinchpots, making birds, toads, bunnies, and slab vessels using techniques such as scoring, slip, coils and impressions. The clay has been kiln fired and will be glazed with glossy colors and kiln fired a second time.

Please come and visit the studio on Parent Teacher Conference night and watch the video of your children at work.

Happy Fall! Ms. Fremont